May 132014

PADI Open Water Diving Course The PADI open water diving course is the most popular diving course for people wanting to learn to dive and provides a great experience and a great lesson in diving for people interested in the activity. Because it’s open water this means that you will be learning out in the […]

May 122014

Category : Combined Print & E-Book Fiction Title: GONE GIRL ,By : Gillian Flynn Rank : 4 , Published On: 2014-05-18 ISBN: 9780307588388 Description: A woman disappears on the day of her fifth anniversary; is her husband a killer?

May 112014

Category : Combined Print & E-Book Fiction Title: NATCHEZ BURNING ,By : Greg Iles Rank : 2 , Published On: 2014-05-18 ISBN: 9780062311108 Description: Penn Cage, a former prosecutor in Natchez, Miss., delves into the secrets of his father, a doctor who has been accused of murdering an African-American nurse.

May 102014

Category : Combined Print & E-Book Fiction Title: THE TARGET ,By : David Baldacci Rank : 1 , Published On: 2014-05-18 ISBN: 9781455521234 Description: As the government hit man Will Robie and his partner, Jessica Reel, prepare for a mission, they face a new adversary.

May 092014

From Finning to Shark Fin Soup For centuries, and even in several countries nowadays, sharks are considered as useless fish so shark finning was or still is not considered to be a big issue for them. The truth of the matter is that such cruelty is responsible for endangering species, being a good example of […]

May 062014

Scuba diving equipment With any hobby or pass time that you take up, it is vital that you make sure you have the right equipment to enjoy it properly. For some sports this could simply be the equipment you need to play the game – a set of golf clubs, a tennis racket or a […]

May 042014

Snorkeling Gear For newbies Exactly what equipment of your personal you will need will depend a great deal upon what your location is going to be learning. If you’re understanding in the UK, for example, you will will need winter diving gear whereas go to Mexico or Egypt and a lot less is required. Also, […]

May 032014

All About Scuba Diving Scuba stands for self contained underwater breathing apparatus, although today it is considered to be a word of its own. Scuba diving is a very popular sport but is also considered a profession and is widely used by the military for a variety of things. Scuba diving is done with the […]

May 032014

Get Your Hands On A Scuba Mask Scuba diving is a fun hobby that people share all around the world. Many individuals love to be able to dive beneath the surface of the water and travel deep below water. In order to see the pretty scene beneath the surface you must find the correct type […]

May 022014

Learning to Scuba Dive You may have always gazed in wonderment at scuba divers but thought, “I could never do that”. That couldn’t be further from the truth. With the proper instruction, scuba diving is not only possible, it is relatively easy. While it is important to learn and develop proper skills for any sport […]

May 012014

Category : Combined Print & E-Book Fiction Title: THE SPACE BETWEEN ,By : Diana Gabaldon Rank : 3 , Published On: 2014-05-04 ISBN: 9780553392111 Description: A woman subject to disturbing visions draws the attention of the time-traveling Comte St. Germain; an Outlander novella.

Apr 302014

How to Stay Safe When Snorkeling Snorkeling can be an amazing activity for you on your family vacation or even close to home. While it does not provide the freedom of scuba diving, it does still allow you to explore underwater worlds and ecosystems that you may never have had a chance to see. You […]

Apr 292014

What is Scuba Diving? Scuba Diving is one of the fastest growing industries that attracts millions of people every year. What really brings all divers everyday to enjoy these pass time is the adventure, feeling of exploration and the variety of colorful corals and other marine organisms. We started diving a long time ago. The […]

Apr 282014

Scuba Diving Accidents Before commencing here is a fun fact for you: There is a wonderful watering hole called ”The Blue Lagoon”. It is located on the tropical Island of Jamaica. Basically ”The Blue Lagoon” is a deep blue water hole that is fed by freshwater springs and connects to the sea by a narrow […]

Apr 272014

Category : Combined Print & E-Book Fiction Title: THE COLLECTOR ,By : Nora Roberts Rank : 1 , Published On: 2014-05-04 ISBN: 9781101617281 Description: A freelance writer who may have witnessed a murder-suicide joins the dead man’s brother to learn what happened.

Apr 252014

All About Scuba Diving Scuba diving is now recognized as being one of the most well loved activities in the world. Now if you are interested in trying out scuba diving yourself, whether you want to do it on your next tropical vacation or you just want to head to your closest scuba diving facilities, […]

Apr 232014

Try Scuba Diving Scuba diving is one of the many benefits of taking a vacation to a tropical place and can be a fun and exciting activity. Scuba diving has many other purposes besides being recreational such as research analysis and paralysis therapy. SCUBA stands for self-contained water breathing apparatus and is a form of […]

Apr 222014

Category : Combined Print & E-Book Fiction Title: THE FIXED TRILOGY ,By : Laurelin Paige Rank : 2 , Published On: 2014-04-27 ISBN: 9780991379644 Description: Collects “Fixed on You,” “Found in You” and “Forever With You,” the story of Alayna Wither and Hudson Pierce.