Jan 092013

Advanced Open Water Course Review

Advanced Open Water Course advantages:

The PADI Advanced Open Water Diver course offers the opportunity to open up to new dive areas, like diving deeper, penetrating shipwrecks, diving at night, taking underwater photos and many more. An additional benefit is diving more guided dives with a PADI instructor, brushing on our basic skills, correcting mistakes, gaining comfort and confidence and generally becoming better, more experienced divers.

Advanced Open Water course Prerequisites:

-A PADI Open Water Diver or an equivalent level of training from a recognized dive organization.

-15 years or older (12 for Junior PADI Advanced Open Water Diver)

The PADI Advanced Open Water Diver course structure :

The PADI Advanced Open Water Diver course is a little bit more flexible than the Open Water Course. In order to complete a PADI Advanced Open Water Diver course you’ll need to complete 5 different Adventure dives. Each Adventure dive requires a knowledge review session completed by you, reviewed and elaborated by your instructor, and an actual Adventure dive completed. There are no exams or quizzes.

PADI Advanced Open Water Diver course dives:

In order to be certified as an advanced diver you complete the following-

1. Deep dive training -follow your instructor to a maximum depth of 30m/100ft and learn about deep dive procedures nitrogen narcosis and more.


2. Navigation dive – learn the basic navigation techniques to become a more independent diver.

These two dives are mandatory. In addition, complete three of the following adventure dives:

1.Nitrox Diving

PADI Advanaced Open Water Course- PPB


2.Boat diving

3.Diver Propulsion Vehicle

4.Drift dive

5.Dry Suit Diving

6. Multilevel and Computer Diving

7.Night Dive

8.Peak Performance Buoyancy Dive

PADI ADVANCED Open Water Diver Course- Underwater Photography

Learn How to take amazing underwater images-PADI Advenaced Open Water Course- photography Adventure Dive

10.Underwater Naturalist

11.Underwater Photography

12.Underwater Digital Photography

13.Underwater Videography

14. Wreck Diving

15.Altitude Diving

Wreck Adventure Dive

Explore Shipwrecks and watch nature taking over. Wreck Adventure Dive – Advanced Open Water Course

As its unlikely to find all those adventure dives available at one dive destination, you can pick an adventure dive at a different dive destination each time, at random order and complete your Advanced Open Water Diver Course once finishing the fifth dive. Make sure you obtain the advanced open water course referral forms if you choose this option.

What’s next?

Once you’ve completed you advanced open water diver course you can dive to a maximum 30m/100ft. unless local guidelines specify differently you are allowed to independently dive with a certified buddy.

To become a better diver, increase your knowledge and be able to save yourself and others in an unlikely event of a dive accident (which you’ll learn to prevent from happening) sign up for a Rescue Diver Course, and an Emergency First Responder Course

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