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PADI Open Water Diving Course

The PADI open water diving course is the most popular diving course for people wanting to learn to dive and provides a great experience and a great lesson in diving for people interested in the activity. Because it’s open water this means that you will be learning out in the sea, or in rivers and generally not in a swimming pool which is a very different experience and one that makes the whole thing a lot less realistic and difficult.

 If you decide to go on a diving course you will learn many things. You will learn how to identify and wear diving equipment and how to use the various items and this will help you to rig up for swims and to be comfortable and safe under the water. At the same time if you use a PADI open water diving course you will learn maneuvers which enable you to move gracefully under the water in spite of the large amount of equipment you are carrying with you, and you will learn how to give and read signals to come up for air and other such hand gestures.

 On top of all this you will learn things like how to jump into the water without your mask coming up, and you will learn how to resurface without giving yourself stomach cramps. Essentially it will tell you everything you need to know in order to dive confidently and this is a very exciting skill to add to your repertoire.

 If you can dive then this is something you can seek out and do as a hobby, and if you live by water then there are many places you can dive with groups to explore the sea bed and to have real adventures. At the same time though it’s a skill that will come in handy in countless other situations. For instance if you ever go snorkeling with friends you’ll find that much of what you’ve learned comes in handy and you can still use it – you will become the resident expert.

More excitingly though, on many holidays you will get countless offers to go diving and if you go to stay at the Canary Islands or somewhere on the Caribbean then there will be a fantastic array of tropical sea creatures to see and interesting sea beds. To go on these outings and tours you will need some kind of diving certification, and if you have been on the PADI open diving course then you will be able to jump right in and have a highly exciting adventure on your holiday that other people would not be able to. Here’s a tip: take a good underwater camera and you’ll be able to come back with some of the most fantastic and unbelievable holiday pictures that you’ve ever taken.

 And on top of all this, you will enjoy the course for it’s own merits. It’s fascinating and rewarding learning how to use everything and the gestures, and at the same time it can be a really laugh with a friend or partner.

The most wel known diving course for beginners is the padi openwater diving course. This one is recognized all around the globe as the standard. When I first learnt to dive I did my course with this padi course Melbourne scuba diving school.

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