Open Water Course Review

Open Water Course Review

Explore the Underwater realm- The PADI Open Water Course
Open water course

Open Water course is the first scuba diving certification level. Upon completing the Open Water Course you are entitled to a life long, world wide certification card. Depending on local regulations, you will be able to dive independently with a dive buddy, to a maximum 18m/60ft

Open Water Course prerequisites

Nearly all of us can participate the Open Water course. You’ll have to be 10 years or older (E learning minimum age is 13) and basically physically fit. Passing a medical questionnaire is normally enough, and if needed a dive physician can determine who’s fit or not. As written at the diving courses article, an Open Water Course consists of three major parts

Open water course segments:

1. Open Water course theory

Open Water course consist of 5 knowledge development modules. Self studying, by watching the OW course DVD, reading the course manual and completing the course knowledge reviews is the common way. After reviewing the OW course knowledge reviews with your dive instructor to ensure understanding, you’ll then need to pass a simple quiz per module to prove you knowledge. The Open Water course 50 question final exam sums up this session. An alternative trend for gaining the Open Water course knowledge is e learning .by purchasing and completing e learning online you save time studying on your holiday.

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2. Open Water course confined water training session

Learing new skills in a confined underwater enivornment.
confined water skills

This session allows you to put your knowledge into practice, at a swimming pool, or at swimming pool like conditions. Your scuba instructor will demonstrate the skills you need to master, and you’ll practice them to perfection making sure you feel relaxed and comfortable in the water, that you’re familiar with your scuba diving equipment and the skills needed for diving and in case of emergency routines.

Find valuable Open Water Skills Tips here


3. 4 Open Water dives.

Its time to put your skills into practice. In an open water environment you’d start diving at shallow water initially, gradually descending to ensure safety and comfort. The first two dives on the OW course will take you to a maximum depth of 12m/40ft, and the last two to 18m/60th, which is going to be your maximum allowable certification depth limit. During those dives you’ll further practice the skills mastered at the confined sessions.

Open Water Training Dives- PADI Open Water
Meet New Friends- PADI Open Water Course

Open water course referrals:

Each portion of the Open Water course can be taught separately, meaning you can complete the course theory and confined training at one place, for example at a swimming pool where a suitable open water environment is not available, then traveling across the globe, showing the referral documents and completing the OW course dives portion to get a full OW course certification card.

What’s next?

Most open water course students prefer to continue their education by upgrading to an Advanced Open Water Diver, completing a 5 dives course that opens up more dive opportunities and increases knowledge and comfort level.

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