What to Look For In a Dive Bag?


Dive bags and snorkeling bags provide the perfect solution for carrying dive equipment, or snorkeling equipment as they allow you to carry your items straight after using them, even when slightly wet, as opposed to regular bags that will store the moisture, damage your equipment and get ruined as well.

There are many designs of dive bags/ snorkeling bags. Buy a dive bag that can fit your entire scuba gear set/ snorkel gear set in. now that was pretty obvious wasn’t it? What else do I look for in a dive bag?

Let’s distinguish 3 different types of dive bags:

Dry Dive Bag- Carry Your Dive Equipment From Home To the Dive Destination

1. Dry dive bag/ snorkeling bag:

A. Interior made of breathing materials allowing drying of moister.

B. Durable zippers, that wont rust easily. Remember, a full scuba diving kit can get pretty heavy, heavy-duty zippers are a must when looking for a durable dive bag.

C. Easy to carry- many dive destinations aren’t easily accessed, wheeling your dive bag can sometime be a nightmare. Make sure your dive bag is comfortable enough for you to carry on your back for those remote places that make scuba diving worth the hassle.

D. Be able to lock your dive bag. many dive centers offer their divers to store their dive equipment at their equipment room. You’ll feel more comfortable and sound knowing your dive bag is locked and your 400$ scuba regulator is safe.

2. Netted dive bag/ snorkeling bag:


I would use a  Netted dive bag once on the site. Made mostly out of net, netted dive bags allows you to store your equipment straight after the dive, even when it’s wet and dirty. A netted dive bag can be rinsed easily, and can be folded and stored easily in a bigger bag when leaving the resort. These dive bags are a perfect addition to your primary dive bag, taking your equipment to the boat/ shore or store it momentarily at an equipment room during your holiday.


3. Waterproof dive bag/ dry bag

not necessarily a dive bag, but a real nice and affordable item that can make your life a lot easier. Water proof dive bags come in various volumes, allow you to store small accessories, valuables, documents, a towel and some spare clothes. Perfect for boat rides, chilling at the beach and other waters activities.

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