Prescription Mask vs. Contact Lenses

Focus Makes a Difference! Scorpion Fish Blend in
Focus Makes a Difference! Scorpion Fish Blend in

If you’ve never been diving before, you probably don’t want to invest a hefty amount of money on a prescription mask, when you’re not sure whether you like it or not. It’s perfectly reasonable. It might make you feel better to know you can dive using contact lenses.

Prescription mask vs. contact lenses.

There are drawbacks to diving with contact lenses. A major issue is when having water in your mask. Although chances are you won’t loose your contact, it still is a possibility, and once it’s done, so does your dive. Having said that, I know a lot of divers and dive instructors who regularly dive with contacts even if they need to remove their mask underwater- for demonstration purposes for example.

When renting Dive equipment, if you do have poor eyesight, and wish to rent a prescription mask- be aware not all dive centers offer that solution in all numbers. Most busy dive operators will offer some prescription masks but it’s very unlikely they’ll have lots of designs and sizes for your desired number. In other words, you might find a prescription mask that improves your vision, but it might not necessarily fir your face.

A proper solution for your problem might be having your own prescription mask. Many manufacturers today offer two options:

1. You can have lenses built in your prescription mask. Picking the right lens depends on your eyesight and activity.

2. You can have bifocal masks that allow you to fix corrective lenses on them. This is pretty much like making your own prescription mask. That means you can easily remove the corrective lens and use it as a regular mask, or replace the lens with a different one if other family members need it as well. Corrective lenses cost around 30 us$.

Having your own prescription mask can obviously be a bit pricier than a regular mask, but having one that fits your face and suits your eyesight can make diving a lot more fun and comfortable.

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Mask Removal Underwater- No Contacts- No Problems.
Mask Removal Underwater- No Contacts- No Problems.


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  1. I got a brand new diving mask that I need to be fitted with presciption lenses. I have recently had my eye exam and was given a new prescription from my eye doctor.

    OD -4.50 DS +2.50
    OS -6.50 -0.50 90 +2.50

    Would you be able to provide the required lenses and have it fitted into my mask? If so, where do I send my mask to, for how long would you be able to complete the service and how much would it cost me?

    Please reply.
    Daniel N. Loya

  2. Hi Daniel.
    You didn’t specify where you’re from.
    I’m afraid we can’t help you here at more than directing you to other resources that might help you out.

    Please let me know what you’re thinking about their services, It will help us improve our costumers service too.
    Thanks for visiting
    Knows-dive team

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