Scuba Diving Equipment Tips.

So you’ve decided to become a more serious diver. Having your own scuba diving equipment certainly is a major step. Let’s run though the basic scuba items we need, where to start, what is considered more important to own, tips on sales and more.

What is a full scuba diving equipment set?

Where to begin?

Scuba Diving accessories

Scuba Diving Spare Kit

Scuba diving equipment care and maintenance

Buying Scuba Gear

Full scuba diving equipment set includes:

Diving mask

Diving fins

– Snorkel

Buoyancy control device (BCD)

Scuba Regulator – 1st Stage, 2nd Stage, Alternate Air Source, Depth Gauge, Pressure Gauge

Exposure Suit suitable for the dive condition

-Timing device- preferably a dive computer.

These are the bare minimum for having your own scuba diving equipment set. That, assuming you don’t plan on carrying a scuba tank or weights with you on your dive vacation.

What should I start buying if I can’t afford complete Scuba diving equipment set?

I believe eventually an experienced and frequent diver should own a complete scuba diving equipment set as mentioned previously. Most retailers will offer significant discount for buying complete scuba diving equipment set, still it can get quite expansive.

I would start with a mask, snorkel and fins set. These three make a snorkeling set and are fairly affordable.

Comfortable exposure suit should come next, as the better it fits the more effective it works. Scuba BCD and Regulators are the more expansive items of your scuba diving equipment set. Some might pick a reliable regulator, but Id pick a comfortable BCD first, as most regulators are reliable while getting used to your own BCD makes some difference on you buoyancy skills and comfort level.

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What else can I add to my scuba diving equipment set?

An experienced diver will have a few scuba dive accessories:

Dive bag, to carry your scuba diving equipment. –

Scuba diving light,

-Dive knife,

-Underwater erasable slate,

-Dive tables-dive planner.

-Divers logbook.

-Signaling devices- inflatable tubes, whistles, mirrors and more

-Dive Reel

Scuba Diving Spare Kit

One should also consider having is own spare kit. It can be extremely frustrating traveling across the globe, carrying your own scuba diving equipment, just to find a broken mask strap for example. Here are some of the more important items:

-Spare O-rings. For tanks, camera housing, or dive lights.

-Mask defogging solution for those who don’t like spitting in their masks.

-Spare dive mask, and fins Straps.

-Spare batteries for a camera or a dive light.

-A knife, a small screwdriver for repairs.

-Some extra clips.

A 1st aid kit should hold basic medicine and bandages you use, and also contain a Pocket Mask, Sea Sickness Pills, some Rubbing Alcohol, Vinegar, Eardrops, Sun Protecting Lotion.

Scuba diving equipment care and maintenance:

A well maintained scuba diving equipment set can last many years and if used a lot can certainly make up in value for the its retail price.

There are some basic instructions that can help you keep your scuba diving equipment set last long:

-Always rinse your gear with fresh water. Even after diving in a swimming pool. Salt, Chlorine and damage your scuba diving equipment.

– Always store your scuba diving equipment in a dry dark room.

-Never dry your equipment under direct sunlight.

-Avoid contact with oil when cleaning and storing your equipment.

-Some scuba diving equipment items such as regulators, diving wetsuits, scuba BCD require additional attention. Follow manufacturers’ instructions. You can find more instructions in related articles on this website.

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