How To Pick a Snorkeling Mask, What Types Are There?

Why Buying a Snorkeling Mask?

Why Not Using Goggles?

How to Choose a Snorkeling Mask

Fitting a Snorkeling Mask

Getting a Snorkeling Mask Ready to Use

Snorkeling Mask care and maintenance

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Many snorkelers choose the snorkeling mask as their first and most important item they purchase. Here are a few reasons why:

1. A snorkeling mask is probably the most important item to be able to fit properly to your size and shape. You can get by with minor adjustment of the rest of your kit, but an ill-fitted mask can be a nightmare even for experienced divers and take the fun out of your dive.

2. You can use snorkeling mask when snorkeling, and it can even stand out by itself, just jump in the water wearing it, and you’ll have fun. If you’re in the water to see the marine creatures, none of the other snorkeling items stands out by itself.

3. Snorkeling masks are pretty affordable, especially when compared to regulators, BCD, or wet suits that scuba divers need. Many scuba divers chose scuba masks as their first investment in scuba gear to.

4. You can fit a snorkeling mask anywhere, no need for special dive bags, as long as you have a proper case for it, carry it anyhow you want.


Tempered Glass, Black silicone Snorkeling Mask
Tempered Glass, Black Silicone Scuba Mask

Can’t I use swimmer goggles for snorkeling?

We can actually stay on the surface and snorkel with goggles, but snorkeling mask offers us to take a deep breath, dive in and get closer to marine creatures. When descending, airspaces tend to squeeze due to increased water pressure. That means that if we can hold our breath long enough to dive deep, simple goggles will be pressed against our face, which can be quite uncomfortable. In addition, nose pocket will provide protection to your nose preventing water from entering it.

How do I pick a snorkeling mask?

The scuba and snorkeling equipment industry has a huge variety of brands, colors, shapes and sizes to accommodate our different faces and taste. When buying a snorkeling mask, bare in mind that more expansive doesn’t necessarily mean better for you. For example, you can buy the most expansive snorkeling mask in the market, and it doesn’t fit your face right, while a cheap snorkeling mask that fits does a much better job for you. I wouldn’t encourage you to go buying the cheapest one on the market. Off course not. Cheap masks might be OK for snorkeling, but might not last that long, or wont be suitable enough for diving. it would be a waste having to buy another mask when you can buy one mask that accommodates both activities and will last for as long as you take good care of it. Wouldn’t it? Generally, Id pick a snorkeling mask made of tempered glass and silicone skirt. These are much more reliable than the cheaper alternatives. These are the same principles I use when picking a mask for scuba diving- so you can use it for both activities.

Fitting a snorkeling mask:

Once you know what the mask is made of, check that it fits your face. Place the mask against your face, without trapping hair in it. Don’t put the strap on yet. Look up and inhale through your nose. You should feel the mask squeeze against your face. No air should enter the mask. As a final check, look down while holding you breath. The mask should still stay on your face.

Getting my snorkeling mask ready for use

Once you’ve purchased your own mask you have one last thing to do before jumping in the water. Defog your mask. Place some tooth paste on your thumb, and rub it on the masks glass, leave it on overnight and rinse properly in the morning. Before you snorkel, spit in your mask and after rubbing the spit all over the lens, rinse it again. You can also use a defog solution for the same purpose

Snorkeling mask care and maintenance:

After each use, carefully rinse your snorkeling mask with fresh water. Don’t dry your snorkeling mask under direct sunlight. Store your snorkeling mask in a dry room, preferably inside a designated snorkeling mask case.

Recommended Snorkeling Masks

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