Choosing the right dive center can make a huge difference on your experience whether you plan on learning scuba diving or simply dive for fun

Sunstet at Utila Dive Center's Dock
Dive Centers are no longer only about scuba diving.

As veteran scuba diving instructors working in various places around the glove let us help you out a bit on your quest for a perfect dive vacation:

1.  Dive center’s safety record-

Inquire about the dive centers safety record, Have  look at the first aid equipment, make sure that there will be oxygen delivery system on the boat or in proximity to the dive site.

2. Dive center rating

Dive centers rating can tell you about the quality of its facility, safety standards, instructors rating and more. The rating status normally follows the dive operator’s name.

3. Dive center location

choosing a dive center
Dive center's Location can make the difference

Location makes a huge difference. Having to walk with equipment to the dive center or from it to the water/boat. Being able to chill and relax after the dive. A dive center is no longer just that, it can be the center of your vacation. Make the best of it.

4. Dive center’s facilities

Showers, toilets, classrooms, dock, equipment storage, all are key elements that make a dive center pleasant for its costumers.

5. Dive center’s staff

Get to meet your stuff members, as you’ll probably spend some time with them. before choosing a dive center check it’s staff  rating, knowledge and experience, make sure they are also familiar and experienced at the local dive sites as professional divers can be experienced elsewhere and lack vital knowledge when working in new places.
If choosing to take a course, see what else your instructors can offer after participating in it.

6. Dive center’s boats

If you don’t intend on shore diving, have a quick look at the boats available, are they fast and stable enough to get to sites easily? Would you have enough space? Would you be protected from the sun? Are there any O2, 1st Aid, and Spare kits on board?

7. Scuba Equipment

-If using rental equipment, check it first. You don’t need to be an expert, or even a diver to know old or badly maintained equipment from a new or well maintained one. Before choosing a dive center insist on visiting the equipment room, and if there are special demands for sizes, exposure suits thickness or prescription masks, make sure you let the dive operator know about it in advance.

-If you bring your own scuba equipment, check the customers storage room, and see that your scuba equipment is taken care of and secured during your staying.

8. Packages Offered

Many dive operators and dive centers offer various dive packages that may include accommodation, free dives, discounts, special offers on additional courses or deducted retail prices. It’s not uncommon to ask for those special offers before choosing a dive center.

9. Dive center’s atmosphere

partying at udc
Divemaster's graduation party at Utila Dive Center

A key part in any diver’s routine is socializing, meeting people and having fun. Spend some time around the dive center, meet the stuff and customers, and get the vibes, some dive centers offer much more than just diving, make use of that.

10. Class or Group Size

A key element in diving is to dive in small groups. In courses you learn more and get more attention from your instructor. When diving, fewer divers mean more chances of seeing creatures up close. It doesn’t mean diving with small dive centers ; just make sure your group size remains small….

11. Scuba Diving Activities.

too many divers
Too many divers on a dive can ruin the experience

Not all dive operators and dive centers can offer everything, so check if your dive center offers anything extra, and a unique experience that makes a difference.

12.Dive center’s cancellation policy-

Before hosing a dive center and committing to it, make sure you enquire about its cancellation policy. would you get refunded should you get sick , injured or have to abort your trip for any other reason.

13. Environmental Awareness.

Please ask what the dive center offers to minimize the effects on the marine environment. Please report any misbehaving such as loitering, touching the reef and marine creatures, and disregarding diver’s buoyancy problems. Help us keep the ocean clean and healthy.


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