who is regulator clearing for?


What is the regulator clearing goal ?

why learning regulator clearing?

Where to practice regulator clearing?

How to master regulator clearing?

Regulator clearing Tutorial Video

Who is regulator clearing for?

The regulator clearing skill is one of the first skills to master underwater on the Open Water course, and is also mandatory for anyone who aims to try scuba diving, such as Discover Scuba Divers.

What is the regulator clearing skill goal?

The goal is to be able to clear water while underwater in two methods; using the purge button and though exhalation, and resume breathing from it.

Why learning regulator clearing?

While scuba diving, our lips seal the regulator and prevent water from entering our respiratory system. Although it’s an open system, water shouldn’t penetrate it, as there’s always air flow inside it. While scuba diving, sometimes we might need to take our regulator out, like when smiling and posing to the camera, or when we want to share air with our buddy in the unlikely event we went out of air.

As we place the regulator back in our mouth we need to clear the water that penetrated it prior to inhaling.

Where to practice regulator clearing?

Regulator clearing must be conducted at any confined water, such as a swimming pool in water shallow enough to be able to stand in, in case you don’t feel comfortable performing the skill underwater.

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How to complete and perform the regulator clearing open water skill?

As this will be the first skill underwater, give yourself a head start and practice o land, just to see if you understand:

1. Inhale deeply and slowly.

2. Remove the regulator from you mouth. Remember to face the mouth piece down to prevent your regulator from free flowing.

3. Never hold your breath. Holding your breath underwater can cause lung over expansion injuries. As soon as you remove the regulator from you mouth, exhale slowly and continuously, blowing tiny bubbles.

4. Place the regulator back in you mouth. Remember the right position- the exhaust valves should face down.

5. Before inhaling again, complete regulator clearing in one of these two methods:

.A Purge Button Regulator Clearing-

Press the purge button gently (less than a second). It might be useful to elevate your tongue to prevent water from entering your lugs.

B. Exhalation Regulator Clearing– Forcefully blow air through the regulator.

The air forces water out of the regulator, allowing you to breath comfortably again.

6. Inhale slowly and cautiously. If there’s still water in the regulator, you already know what to do.

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