Stepping up from the regulator clearing skill, we’ll learn how to easily recover a regulator in both the sweep and reach methods and continue breathing from it.

Why learning regulator recovery?

What is the regulator recovery skill?

Where to practice regulator recovery?

How to complete and perform the regulator recovery skill?

Regulator recovery tutorial video

Regulator recovery tips

Why learning regulator recovery?

Imagine seeing a magnificent Manta Ray passing by, dropping you jaw and losing the regulator…not convinced? How about if your buddy accidentally knocks your regulator out of your mouth? You’d like to know how easy it is to recover it wouldn’t you?

What is the regulator recovery skill?

On the regulator recovery skill we’ll simulate any of the above reasons, dropping our regulator and recovering it quickly.

Where to practice regulator recovery?

Regulator recovery must be conducted at any confined water, such as a swimming pool in water shallow enough to be able to stand in, in case you don’t feel comfortable performing the skill underwater.

How to complete and perform the regulator recovery open water skill?

1. Inhale deeply and slowly.

2 Remove the regulator from you mouth. Remember to face the mouth piece down to prevent your regulator from free flowing.

3. Never hold your breath. Holding your breath underwater can cause lung overexpansion injuries. As soon as you remove the regulator from you mouth, exhale slowly and continuously, blowing tiny bubbles.

4. Throw the regulator away with your right hand, simulating losing the regulator.

5. Recover the regulator. You’ll practice these two methods:

A. Regulator recovery sweep method:

– Lean to the right, allowing the hose to move away from your buddy.

– Touch the bottom of your tank with your right hand, and sweep it forward, touching the right side of your buddy. You’ll Find the regulator dangling on you arm.

Why using the sweep regulator recovery method?

– It’s simple and fast’ and a preferred method by most divers.

B. Regulator recovery reach method:

-Touch the bottom of your tank with your left hand and lift it up a bit.

-Reach the regulators first stage with your right hand. The upper hose is always the primary air source you’re looking for.

-Follow the hose till you reach the second stage (regulator)

Why using the sweep regulator recovery method?

It’s always good to know more than one way of handling things. If you’re in a tiny space like a wreck or a cave, and cannot maneuver much, you might find this method useful.

6. Place the regulator back in your mouth and clear it as practiced at the regulator clearing skill.

Regulator Recovery Tips:

1. Practice on land. Check out where the hose might be when dangling, and where your first stage is.

2. Once kneeling down and before practicing the skill, reach for you first stage once more.

3. In a real event, If none of these methods work, calm down, reach for you Alternate Air Source and once breathing again, locate your primary first stage.