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  1. I love the memories and expierence that diving has given me. There are not many days that go by that I am not thinking about it. The friends made while diving have proven to be life long. It feels great to wake up, go to the shop and get your class ready for a long day of diving and to share the moments after sipping on a cold drink watching the sun set. If you have a strong passion for the sport and are not teaching it get into a IDC near you fast! There are few feelings better than to teach someone how to do something that you really love.

    This short film was anything but. It took us all day to plan out and create. The diving was done at 12m/40ft on a huge sand patch just off the south east side of the island Utila in Honduras. It took us an hour with the help of two other divers to get the couple of min. of film underwater! It was a day I wont forget. I will say as well that the bike used did not last long after, not that it matters. I am sure it was stolen at one point and is now chopped being used in two to three differnt bikes as is the case in Utila!

    Many thanks to the efforts being made to provide this webpage. I think its a cool idea to have a place to go and see some pics/video and share some moments with others. I will be checking in from time to time to read more and share some more moments. Looking forward to it!

    Safe diving,


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