Jan 062013




Horse Eye Jacks Utila

This Underwater Video is a compilation of Underwater Photos of creatures found at Utila, Bay Islands, Honduras.

The Bay Islands offer world class diving, especialy on the north part of Utila where you can dive on massive walls, full with wildlife, clear blue waters and easy dive conditions most days of the year.

The Bay Islands offer the full package of Caribbean atmosphere mixed with a little western tauch, affordable prices and great diving

a few months a year one can encouter the giant Whale Sharks feeding on the surface. Snorkeling with the gentle sharks is offered by most dive operators on Utila combined with a 2 dive package.

throughout the whole year one can find pods of Dolphins- Bottle-nose, Spinners, or the rare Rough-Tooth Dolphins commonly swimming alongside the boats on the way to the dive sites.

Underwater your likely to see Sea Turtles, Barracudas, Moray Eals, Ray, occasional Nurse Sharks, Sea Horses, Jacks, Groupers, Angelfish, Snappers, Toadfish Scorpinfish and much much more.

Soft coral , sponges and cool reef formation make evey dive in Utila memorable.