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scuba diving tips

Scuba Diving Tips

Scuba diving has consistently been increasing its popularity over the years. The scuba diving market such as scuba gear, dive destinations, dive centers courses and much more is on the rise. Such a huge variety can sometimes be overwhelming, for instance, questions such as “what Wet Suit do I need”? Or “Where should I do my Divemaster course?” have various answers.

As scuba divers educators and experienced dive professionals we’ve decided to share some of our experience and help out. Here you’ll find various scuba diving tips and tutorials in various fields, we hope you find suitable. Nevertheless, if you’re still not satisfied, or would like us to post a new topic feel free to comment and we’ll do our best to help your needs.

Scuba Diving Courses Tips:

Scuba diving tutorials on all available courses

Scuba courses provide us the basic knowledge and skills to be able to explore the underwater realm in a safe and comfortable manner. Scuba diving offers many levels of certification and training, from open water courses to instructor, Nitrox dive to underwater photography.

Find all the information you need about each scuba course:

·       Prerequisites

·       Course structure

·       What’s next?

Scuba Diving Equipment Tips:

Scuba diving tutorials on buying and using scuba diving equipment

Trying to find the right piece of equipment to match your needs and budget can be quite hard. There’s an endless variety of gear types, brands and features.

The Scuba Equipment section will try to narrow down the options, explaining about the difference in features and doing our best to help you find what you need.  Choose a scuba item and you’ll find:

·       Brief item description

·       Different types and features

·       Care and maintenance

·       Purchasing tips.

Open Water Skills Course Tips:

Scuba diving tutorials on all necessary scuba skills

Here you’ll find all the skill necessary to master for scuba diving. This section is by no means exclusively intended for open water students or beginners. Tips include:

·       Performance requirement

·       Where to practice each skill

·       How to master the skills

·       Scuba diving skill Tutorial videos

·       Our scuba diving professionals’ Skills tips.

General Scuba Diving Tips:

Valuable scuba tips and tutorials on various subjects.

Here you can find general scuba diving tips in various fields:

– Finding cool stuff underwater

– Choosing a dive center

Moving underwater

-How to conserve air and dive longer

Buoyancy Scuba Diving Tips:

Our buoyancy workshop includes theoretical background and practical buoyancy control tutorials

Buoyancy is a key element in diving, and as such, we’ve decided to do our best to help you understand the concept and learn how to achieve greater buoyancy control underwater.

Scuba Diving Safety Tips

Safety first. At the end of the day, the most important thing is coming back safe healthy from the dive. Scuba diving is very safe if done correctly, but if you’re careless or simply clueless as we’ve seen in many occasions, scuba diving can cause serious injuries, and may even lead to fatalities. As is, we’ll do our best to promote safety, and explain how to minimize risks underwater.

If you have any questions, suggestions, things you want to add we’d be happy to here from you. just leave a comment and we’ll do our best to answer as soon as possible.

Knows-Dive Team

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