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Scuba diving lessons in various fields, from marine ecology, to moving underwater.

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Scuba diving lesson # 1:  saving the marine environment.

Are you Really a Responsible, Eco Friendly Scuba Diver?

save the oceans-   healthy reef

Scuba Divers are the ambassadors to the underwater realm. We have the privilege to get close to the worlds most magnificent creatures. We have a huge responsibility on our hands to keep the environment intact and healthy when visiting underwater, and to minimize our ecological foot steps on land. These small simple steps can make a difference in our effort to keep the oceans clean and healthy for generations to come.

Learn more about becoming a more aware and Eco-friendly scuba diver.

Scuba diving lesson # 2: Choosing the right dive center.

How to Choose the Right Dive Center?

Sunstet at Utila   Dive Center's Dock

Choosing the right dive center can make a huge difference on your experience whether you plan on learning scuba diving or simply dive for fun

As veteran scuba diving instructors working in various places around the glove let us help you out a bit on your quest for a perfect dive vacation…..

learn more about finding the right dive center

Scuba diving lesson# 3: How to dive longer

10 Tips to Decrease Air Consumption and Dive Longer

dive longer

There are very few more frustrating occurrences in scuba diving as having to abort the dive due to

lack of air, while everybody else is still having fun down there.

Being able to save air as you dive is one of the most important steps to become a good diver.

Find all the simple tips and tricks that will help you dive longer

Scuba diving lesson # 4: How to become better at spotting creatures underwater.

Tips for Finding Cool Creatures Underwater


Do you consider yourself a follower or a leader underwater? Do you find cool stuff easily or wait for someone else to find it for you?

Being able to spot creatures , makes a huge difference on the enjoyment and satisfaction you get from scuba diving.

When I started diving, I was following my Divemasters and Instructors wherever they went. It had it benefits, I would see a lot, but it wasn’t half as fun as finding cool stuff on my own. Question is, how do you get better at it?

Learn how to make the best out of your dives here.

Scuba diving lesson #5 : How to move underwater.

Born to Chill

One of the most important concepts when Scuba Diving is moving slowly. It always amazes me to see divers swim as fast as they can, wasting air, and valuable potential memories behind them. What’s the rush?

Here you’ll find all the cool tips and tricks to to slowing down and understand ow to move  more efficiently and effortlessly underwater

We’d be happy to answer any question you may have regarding scuba diving. Any request for an article will be welcomed.

Safe Diving.

Knows-Dive Team

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