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Who am I?

My Name is Tobi, PADI and SSI Scuba Diving Staff Instructor, Underwater Photographer and Videographer.
I’ve been diving around the world for the past 14 years and diving is a true passion of mine.
I’ve started my professional dive career back in 2001 , in Utila, Honduras, and never looked back. ┬áScuba diving got me to some of the world’s most amazing places, both above and under the water.
I have seen wonders, sights, and creatures most people don’t even know exsist and if you’re a passionate scuba diver like I am, you know what I’m talking about.

What is My Goal?

My goal is to provide valuable and useful information for scuba divers at any level of experience.
I believe knowledgeable scuba divers are both safer and happier. All we ask in return is you respect the oceans creatures and their habitats.
If you have any question, or request, please do not hasitate to contact me.
I invite you to subscribe to the site, download a free scuba diving tips guide and get updates from us.
Have safe and fun diving.