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Scuba Diving Courses: Rescue Diver Course-
Rescue Diver Course- Become a Better, Safer Diver

Imagine you and your buddy go on a scuba trip. You rent scuba equipment from the local dive shop go off for a dive. Halfway through the dive you find a sea turtle and start following it. Loosing track of time you look around and can’t find your buddy. Ascending to the surface you look again but with no result. Would you know what to do?

Dive accidents are rare and easily avoided, as long as we adhere to the basic rules and principles learned on our Open Water Diver course. Nevertheless, accidents do happen, be prepared for them.

The PADI Rescue diver course is a prerequisite to the professional level training, PADI Divemaster course, and is highly recommended to any diver. Personally, the Rescue Diver course really made the difference on understanding how to dive properly and being aware of the surrounding, and as a dive instructor I can easily see the difference in skills and confidence level comparing a rescue diver to an experienced diver with lower certification rate.

Rescue Diver course prerequisites:

-Age- 15 years and up.

PADI Advanced Open Water Diver certification or an equivalent.

Valid (24 months) first aid (CPR) training.

Rescue Diver Course Review:

Rescue Diver course theory:

-As always, completing all knowledge reviews, reviewing them with your instructor to ensure full understanding.

– Watching the Rescue Diver course DVD

– Passing a 50 questions Rescue Diver course final exam.

Rescue Diver course confined session:

Much the same way as the Open Water Course you’re going to be introduced to new skills by your instructor, in confined shallow water.

On the Rescue Diver course you’ll understand there’s often more than one solution to a specific problem, and by repeating all skills, trying to find different solutions to various problems can make you a much better prepared rescue scuba diver.

Rescue Diver course scenarios

The best, most demanding and rewarding part of the Rescue Diver course is the 4 scenario dives offering you to practice your Rescue Diver course skills in open water conditions, with fake victims under the direct supervision of your dive instructor.

Whats next?

As mentioned before, the Rescue Diver course, is a prerequisite level to any professional diver level, the first which is the Divemaster course.

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