How To Pick Your Type of Snorkeling Fins.

The main Purpose of snorkeling fins is to increase our speed, efficiency and maneuverability while kicking our legs. Although snorkeling unaided is possible, it’s definitely harder and more tiring. Using snorkeling fins will free our hands, which tend to tire faster, allowing us to use them for other activities like snapping underwater photos.

Open heel Snorkeling fins Vs. Full foot snorkeling fins

Snorkeling fins can come in two styles-the full foot fins and the open-heel adjustable fins. Let’s have a quick review over the main differences between them:

Open-heel snorkeling fins

These models have adjustable straps, allowing the use for different foot sizes per fin size. Open heel fins come in basic sizes such as small, medium large and can be adjusted to ones personal foot size. These fins are typically longer and more powerful than the full-foot fins and are more commonly used in scuba diving.

Open Hill Fins
Open heels Snorkeling Fins

This type of fins is generally more expensive than the full foot ones are somewhat more durable and if the heel strap may break it is easily replaceable. Wearing open heel fins normally requires wearing wet suit boots to allow comfort, and minimize chances for blisters. Boots can be very useful when snorkeling from shore providing some protection for your feet when entering and exiting the water, and will add another layer of protection to your skin when diving in cold water and against potential stinging elements in the water.

Full-foot snorkeling fins

Worn like slippers, hence you should pick your fins size according to your foot size. The full foot fins blades are generally smaller which makes them less powerful yet more maneuverable. These features make kicking with this type of snorkeling fins less tiring, thus many consider them more suitable for snorkeling.

Full Foot Split Snorkeling Fins
Full Foot Split Snorkeling Fins

Our main concern when choosing our snorkeling fins will e fit and comfort. Snorkeling or diving with ill fitted fins can cause a lot of discomfort. An oversized fin can fall off easily, but it can also rub against your skin causing blisters. In addition, snorkeling with oversized fins one might try to keep them on, using awkward kicking techniques causing foot cramps and discomfort. Small fin size is obviously unadvised basically guaranteeing foot cramps and pain.

Generally, choosing full-foot fins you should aim for your exact size making sure your foot don’t wobble or that the fins don’t pinch. An open-heel fin should fit so your foot can slide in the foot pocket comfortably and that the pocket covers your foot all the way up to your ankles.

Snorkeling fins Care and Maintenance:

Rinse carefully in fresh water after each use, dry and store away from direct sunlight.

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