A 2003 classic underwater remake of the original E.T movie. filmed at Utila Dive Centre, Utila, Bay Islands, Honduras.

Personally one of my favuorite dive experiences. Making the E.T bicycle takeoff scene was an old dream of mine. After a long busy season at Utila Dive Centre, a few of us dive instructors took the afternoon off, and set the scene. Before filming we had to work out some technical issues, some shown on the movie.

First we had to lower the bicycle underwater, which we figured will float upside-down, and we figured we had to take the air out of the tires.

The original costume was an old white blaket which didn’t look to good on my head- we had to add some volume to my head to make it look more elien like. We’ve decided I’ll wear some extra dive masks on me, basically all around my head which turned out to be pretty good.

We’ve figured out that I wont fit into the bicycle’s bascket wearing a full scuba gear, so Neil- (Elliot) and I had to share the same air source using his allterane air sourse throughout the entire dive.

Finally, both Elliot’s Rain Jacket, and E.T’s custome were bound to float up after we’ve exhaled some air into them during the dive. We had to clip them tight and allow air to run through them which turned out to be harder than we planned.

After everything was set and all figured out, we set our first scene on the UDC dock. once this scene was filmed, and thanks to the wonderfull assistance of Utila Dive Centre’s owners, UDC Staff and Boat captain Anthony, we took off to the wonderfull majestic waters of Moon Hole, one of Utila’s Scuba Diving Instructors favourite dive sites. The movie was filmed at 10m/33ft on a nice round sand patch.

It took us quite a long time to get set on the Bicycle and ballance ourselves and occasiounaly needed help from our safety diver Greg, also seen on the dock scene. Ballancing the bicycle underwater, and taking off using one BCD was prety tricky. Especialy as E.T had to be more bouyant than Elliot, without wearing a BCD at all, having to hold the bicycle to make it float with us at the same time.

after about 35 minutse we’ve finally managed to pull it off, and ascended a few feet up, remaking the famouse E.T bicycle scence

I’d presonally like to thank all who were involved and helped and especially Utila Dive Centre’s owners who made it possible.